Eve Still life -The Expulsion
35.5 x 47
cupids arrows
Earth Mother (Venus)
41 x32
"Call First - Water Mill Summer" 40"x 50" oil 2013
I could not decide what to name this painting. The Interruption, Call First, Build It and They Will Come. or more simply - "The Pool Madonna."
A twist on the sacra conversazione, the painting depicts my family at ease and play, interrupted perhaps by life. We are not invited to contemplate but rather the viewer has interrupted. The intrusion is viewed with suspicion and disdain. My light is not the liquid light of Bellini nor do I seek to dissolve the barrier between the viewer and the world. Maybe it is rather create one. It is not intended on being a window to the world but an “IT.” A painting that depicts a barrier between our peace and the intrusions of the outside world. Mostly it is my conversation about painting.

My son is the figure on the right, who sits deep in contemplation over some idea, story, or perhaps the future. His figure pays homage to our shared artistic heritage inspired this time by Venice, Most of the figures come, in some way or another, from Titian, Veronese and in this case The Bellini San Zaccaria Altarpiece’s (1505) Saint Jerome.

My Madonna sits against the white chair as many of Bellini’s Virgins sit
Isolated and highlighted against a curtain. But of course this is a secular painting symbolizing the world we live in, with a direct correlation between my present life, and the type of painting I’m interested in. It is a conversation with and about Art. 
Homage is paid to Manets Le déjeuner sur l'herbe, with the mood and attitude. as he paid his debt to the Louvre’s Titian, the Concert Champêtre, which took inspiration from the Marcantonio Raimondi engraving after Raphael's Judgment of Paris.

At the apex of a Renaissance pyramidal composition the Madonna is proud, unapologetic, unashamed and unselfconscious… her importance is elevated. She is a mother watching over her family and coldly confronting all intruders.
46 x 58
Nude Ready for a Swim
30 x 24